I am available to do Custom Video work!  This is where you get to pick the model, dictate the action, and produce your very own fetish video!  All you need to do is read this page, follow a few simple directions, and voila! Your tailor-made fantasy comes to life!

LEGAL CRAP: This stuff is FANTASY.  I do NOT do anything to any model which is actually non-consensual.  I do not endorse forcing people into sexual activity against their will.  I DO actively endorse and recommend PLAYING out the FANTASY with a willing partner, or hiring me to!

Villain for Hire!!!

"Most dastardly villain I have ever encountered!" - Batman, Gotham City

"Most fun I've ever had  in bondage!" - Catwoman, Greater Gotham Area, at large

"Worthy Competition" - Octopus, PhD., whereabouts unknown

"A fun kid, with great potential" - Hannibal Lecter, whereabouts unknown

"Upstart punk. I taught him everything he knows." - The Crooked Claw, AT LARGE!!!

Here's how it works:

1 - Pick a Model

You can request any model you have ever seen, but there are some factors to take in:  

1 - The more famous she is, the more expensive her rates.
2 - Does she do fetish work? Not all of them do... DAMMIT
3 - Is she even still working?

I am registered with: 

LA Direct Models





and can hire any of their models (provided she does fetish content... not all of them do... DAMMIT)

Didn't find the girl you want? No problem. Send me her name and I'll do my best to get her for you.


2 - Choose your scenery

The more lavish you get here, the more expensive, of course.  I have easy access to bedrooms, offices, dungeon-looking rooms, garage sets, and QUIET outdoor action. Or, if you like, we can rent a hotel room. If you have something else in mind, just let me know and we'll see what we can find!

3 - Pick your Content

I am well-versed in capturing models by: chloroform, gunpoint, knifepoint, drugged drink, blackmail, on-screen bondage, bonking over the head...

Once captured, I can put them in: rope-bondage, saran-wrap, duct tape, leather cuffs/restraints, straitjackets, handcuffs...

While restrained, I can subject them to: fondling, tickling, spanking, riding crops, floggers, single-tail whips, knife-play, hot wax, violet-wands, oral sex... (at this time,I don't do anal on camera, and am kinda picky about who I do vaginal penetration with. Sex costs extra, for her and for me, because we have to get tested, it takes extra time to shoot, blah blah blah...)

Be reminded, not all models do all level of fetish.  The rougher, nastier and more violent you want it, the better I'll like it, but the less likely that she will do it...

4 - Special Requests

Do you absolutely need her or me to be in a specific costume?  Do you need her or me to have a particular prop? Fake a foreign accent? Shoot in black and white?  It's your video!  Make the request, but understand that the stranger or more difficult the request, the more it may cost.

I have access to an extensive wardrobe for models and for me, so most costumes and most props are usually free.  Just ask, and if I have it, it's yours.  Of course, if I have to go get one, or if it will be damaged/destroyed as part of your movie, you have to pay for it.

5 - Optional - You Write the Script

Honestly, this is a big pain in my ass.  If there is some particular dialogue you MUST have, particular camera angles you NEED to see during particular scenes, I will accommodate as best as I can for free.  If you write the entire script yourself, and then ask me to follow it line-by-line, it will cost you extra.

6 - Calculate your Rates

Of course, there are no guarantees on pricing, each model charges a slightly different rate, each location has a different fee, wardrobe, effects, editing, blah blah blah... but before you contact me, please do the damn math yourself!  Here are the BASIC prices you can expect:

Up to 30 minutes: 45 - 60 minutes:
Each Model $500 $700
Include Sex: $500 $500
Cameraman $200 $200
(that's me!)
$300 $350
Include Sex: $200 $250
Location $200 $200
Editing $100 $200
Props/Special Effects ? ?
You write the script $50 $100
Do the Damn Math! Average = 2,050 USD Average = 2,500 USD


7 - Contact Me!

Send me an email, with the above information in it.  I will send you an estimate for your project.  If you approve, you can send me money via PayPal, MoneyGram, Cashier's Check, Personal Check, anything you got, really.

My email address is: Tim "at" provillain "dot" com - If I link it for you, I get spammed.  You type it yourself; I have faith in your abilities!

When I receive payment in full, I will book your video.  I will let you know the date, and keep you informed if a model postpones or anything else happens. As an added bonus, if you like, I will email you a few raw unedited photos the night of the shoot, just to show how well it went.

What you get:

You will receive the first copy of the finished project, including out-takes and behind-scenes footage, and copies of all promotional photos.  I'll upload all files to a hidden folder and give you and only you the link.

What I get:

I keep ALL rights to the material.  You may NOT post, for sale or free, anything, anywhere.  I will upload choice moments from your film to my Clips.com theater, and I will upload choice photos to my token gallery.  Oh, and of course, I get to be in it, doing the evil stuff to the victim!  Mwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Still here?

Let's get started!  Send me an email!

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